Our approach

Harren Behavior Services provides evidence based and effective therapy using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. We come to you and provide therapy where the need is greatest, whether that is in the home or community. Therapy is provided only by experienced and dedicated clinicians, and Harren Behavior Services is owned and operated by Erica Harren, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.  

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When funding stream allows, we strive to provide at least some direct therapy on all cases by Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs). BCBAs are master's level professionals trained in ABA with years of experience and certification and licensure in the field. We feel that this model of service increases the quality of therapy, as it allows for the BCBA who is developing programming to be very familiar with the client's needs and abilities, and spend any supervision time truly training the behavior therapist on the case. We also strive to ensure that every case has a higher than average amount of supervision by a BCBA, and that the supervised therapist is a high quality and experienced registered behavior technician. 

quality In-Home ABA Therapy


experienced and dedicated clinicians

Creating meaningful change in the lives of individuals with autism and other disabilities


Due to uneven patterns of development, children and individuals with autism and developmental disabilities often have widely varying levels of functioning across different skills areas. Qualified assessment and intensive intervention that is individualized to each person's needs are necessary to:

Increase behaviors such as communication, social skills, and play skills

Decrease challenging behavior such as self-injury, aggression towards others, and screaming

Teach these skills across settings and caregivers 


Ongoing assessment and data taken before and during treatment are used to inform decision making and treatment direction, to ensure that what we are doing is working and that the best possible therapy is being provided for your child. Skills are taught across caregivers and environments to ensure consistency and the success of therapy in all settings.

In addition to regular therapy, we also offer one-time training in specific areas of need, including (but not limited to) toilet training, sleep, and a basic introduction to ABA.