Assessment.We identify each student's individual strengths and challenges across multiple social-skill domains.

Who Can Benefit. Social skills groups are open to anyone in need of strengthening social skills. Many of our group members will have a diagnosis (autism, ADHD, learning disabilities) but not all. We offer social groups for children age two to high school, working on skills ranging from initiating play interactions to flexible thinking.

Individualized Instruction.
We create individual goals based on the results of the assessment, and track and graph these goals across sessions to ensure progress is being made. Groups are capped at 5 students per 2 instructors to ensure individual attention and instruction. 

​Individualized Instruction. All social skills groups are led by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, a master's level professional with multiple years of education and training, as well as certification in the field. Depending on group size and need, an assistant with experience working with individuals with special needs and trained in behavior analytic methods may aid.  

Parent Involvement. We want you to be able to help your child socially, and for the skills learned in group to generalize outside of sessions. We will take time at the end of every group to report progress, and give a weekly suggested activity to promote the ability to use skills learned in group to the outside world.    

Make friends. Keep Friends. 

We believe that good social skills are fundamental and important in creating meaningful life change for the individuals we work with. 

Our Approach

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